Saturday, July 23, 2011

Why a House Bunny?

We went to my friend Normie's home in Canada. Normie has the most delightful house rabbit!!! Her bunny was nosey, inquisitive, involved in family life, fast (stole a chip in lightening speed), and funny. And, litter box trained. As we walked away from Normie's home, our conversation was on her rabbit.

For the next two weeks, we spoke to people with rabbits. We researched rabbits on the internet. Then we researched some more, asked more questions and researched more. We almost got a bunny from a neighbor. However, their bunny is more of an outdoor bunny, is not litter trained, and his habitats are too large for our home. It was a good experience to meet him as it solidified what we can and can't do in terms of a rabbit pet.

Rabbits are unique animals. They are similar to cats in their size, ability to be litter trained, and take a human or leave a human attitude. We wanted a rabbit in hopes that he/she would be similar to Normie's rabbit. We wanted a bunny that is involved in our family life and is interested in seeing what is going on. 

The ability to house a rabbit in her habitat (with food, lots of chew toys and digging options) when we are out was nice. Our children are old enough to be responsible rabbit friends. We, the parents would be the primary caregivers, not our children. Ultimately, having a special life to care for was a big deciding factor.

It was just a matter of where to get a rabbit from.

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