Saturday, October 1, 2011

I am undone

Today, I drove to Algonquin, IL with my Bun Bun. I had to give her back to No Splitting Hares. It just about did me in. My husband is allergic to rabbits. We did not know this at the time we got Bun Bun.

In the car, on the way home, J got red, itchy, watery eyes and his throat was itchy. But we figured it was because he was in a farmhouse with dozens of rabbits. I promised to keep her cage immaculate and to clean the house dilligently. I promised to be the only one to take care of Bun Bun. I was already madly, hopelessly in love with this wonderful creature.

The reality is that J works from home when he is in town and you can't have an allergic person in the same room for 12-14 hrs/day with the thing he is allergic to. We live in a loft so it's not like he can just go elsewhere in our home.

To compound the issue, my husband has this rare eye disorder that Native American males can get. His job involves video work and designing sets and stuff. Combine all three and you just have to choose your spouse over your pet. Especially when your spouse makes the money that pays for said loft. And our kids' private school tuition.

So today I tearfully took Bun Bun back from whence she came. And I am undone.